Found and Adoption

“Kayla” - 18-005339
Female, Domestic Short Hair
Approximately 1 year old
Found on Dahlgren Ave
Adoptable 04/05/2018


“Tommy” - 18-005339A
Male, Domestic Short Hair
Approximately 6 weeks  old
Born in Foster Care
Adoptable 07/01/2018


“Bob” - 18-010723
Male, Domestic Short  Hair
Approximately 1 year old
Found on Cordova Ct
Adoptable 06/23/2018


“Hemmingway” - 18-010207
Male, Domestic Long Hair
Approximately  1 year old
Found at Taco Bell
Adoptable 06/16/2018


“Leroy” - 18-009170
Male, Domestic Short Hair
Approximately 1 year old
Found on Granada
Adoptable 06/02/2018

“Iris” - 18-009585
Female, Domestic Short Hair
Approximately  7 months old
Found on McKinley Ave
Adoptable 06/08/2018

             “Clyde” - 18-009172
Male, Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Approximately  7 weeks old
Abandoned at Shelter
Adoptable 06/02/2018

“Bonnie” - 18-009172A

Female, Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Approximately  1 year  old
Abandoned at Shelter
Adoptable 06/02/2018 


“Steve” - 18-010076
Male, Domestic Short Hair
Approximately  5 weeks old
Found on Lakeview
Adoptable 06/14/2018


“Jesse” - 18-008567
Male, Domestic Medium Hair
Approximately 7 weeks
Found on Columbus Circle
Adoptable 05/25/2018
“Frank” - 18-008567A
Male, Domestic Short Hair
Approximately 7 weeks old
Found on Columbus Circle
Adoptable 05/25/2018

“Macy” - 18-008849

Female, Dachshund Mix
Approximately 7 months old
Owner Relinquished
Adoptable 05/21/2018


“Kris” - 18-010221
Approximately  6 months old
Found on Warren Ave
Adoptable 06/16/2018


There is a $50 fee to adopt an animal at the Warrenton Animal Shelter. You must visit the shelter to fill out an adoption form. Adopters are given a voucher for 25% off spay or neuter at the Warrenton Veterinary Clinic. It is the responsibility of the Adopter to spay or neuter the animal within 30 days of adoption. Proof of spay or neuter from a licensed veterinarian will be required. Animal Control Officers will follow up if no response has been received within this time period.

Please note: The City of Warrenton works closely with local animal rescue groups. In certain cases the needs of the animal necessitate the care of that animal be turned over to an approved department of agriculture rescue group and may not be available for adoption through the city. The well being of the animals in Animal Control’s care take precedence.

Donations(need approval from Greg)
Donations are accepted. Please contact the animal shelter for a current list of items needed. Regular priority needs are: Cat litter, litter boxes, dish soap, bleach, liquid laundry detergent, paper towels, Kongs® or other heavy duty toys the large dogs cannot destroy, and gift certificates to animal supply stores are especially welcomed. Needs are changing constantly depending on the season and the current resident animals, so please call. Thank you, for making whiskers purr and tails wag!

Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. For insurance purposes, volunteers must be 18 years of age and fill out a City of Warrenton volunteer job application. (Link to volunteer application form) For the safety of the volunteers and the animals, volunteers will go through a tiered training system to quantify their ability to handle specific level tasks required for care of the animals. Animal care tasks can range from cleaning their area, socializing, walking, grooming, feeding and fostering the animals.

Directions – From Highway I-70
Exit South onto Highway 47
Turn West (right) onto Main Street (E Booneslick Rd)
Follow road to left turn onto State Highway U
Turn Left onto Coleman Drive (look for Animal Shelter sign)
Uphill on the left side of road is the shelter 

*NOTE: Online GPS and mapping programs are currently inaccurate and do not lead you to the shelter.


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